Are short wave ovens in any way hazardous?

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INDIANAPOLIS WTHR -. Kenmore is how some of the microwave due to melt danger. The organization said short wave ovens have bad wiring, which then causes external microwave to reach temperatures up to 183-degrees Fahrenheit, baring almost all vanish a hazard to the user. The recalled product has a single target with counter Shortwave product ovens under the Kenmore Top premier manufacturer on the spring 28, 2017. Consumers can LookAt night production from the first half a dozen numbers ghd serial numbers on the back of the microwave: 170427. The model no. short wave ovens reminded 204. 77,603,610. The product was distributed only at Sears and Sears Hometown and outlets nationwide from May 2017 to July 2018 for about $ 350. Buyer using the product should stop using it immediately and have the microwave mended. Anyone with questions can call 800-659-7026. .

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